Tuesday, November 18, 2008

romantic? ... that's what SHE said

i'm not a girly-girl. high maintenance:yes. frilly:no.
* i've never read a cosmo magazine.
* i've never gone with a gal pal for a mani-pedi.
* i've never bought a pint of ben&jerry's to get over a breakup.

* i do wear sweats when i get my period.
* i cry at the end of steel magnolias.
* i love to get flowers

think of this as back story. on with the blog.

my friend is in love. she's in that kind of teenager-y love where absolutely everything her boyfriend does is adorable and she can't drop his name often enough in conversation.
-he sent her flowers for their six month 'anniversary' of their first date (sweet)
-he starts to text her every fifteen minutes if she's out to lunch w/out him longer than 90 minutes (kind of weird)
and check out this little gem.
-every night while she brushes her teeth and does her womanly pre-bed routine, he lays on her side of the bed. then, before she crawls in, he scoots over: so her side is already warmed up for her.
swear i felt my breakfast bubble up on this one. you say romantic. i say revolting.

but then again. when i fall in love, i go kicking and screaming. maybe that's why i find gooshy, head-over-heals love so ... um .. repellent. or maybe i'm just completely uncomfortable with sweet, soft and loving, outward displays of compassion. probably a little of both.

after she told me, i suggested (through my bwahahaha-ing) that maybe this was something she wants to keep between him and her. like when he wears her dresses.
i had to say it. mostly because i felt so uncomfortable hearing about this weird and private ritual, but also because i think it's a little disturbing. the thought behind it is sweet, (i guess, if you're into that kind of thing) but when taken in the context of this guy's tendency to be.. shall we say, overbearing... i think the whole laying-on-your-side-to-warm-it-up thing to be kinda creepy. frankly.

and this opinion (which i now realize, i should have censored) offended her.

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