Thursday, February 08, 2018

You might be A Cruiser if ...

With impending birthday celebrations afoot and a weekend to kill, We and The Gang booked ourselves on a bonafide oceanic cruise out of Galveston. An affordable lark to get our feet wet and see what we're missing with the Cruising Lifestyle. 
Now this wasn't the fancy-pants river boat where we luxxed together that summer.  Blissful nights cutting through the gentle sway of the Danube and discovering new, old history spots every day. No. This is a weekend getaway for the masses; a sprawling hallways, massive-scale, line up and keep moving, hotel on waves.  We're not in Bavaria anymore, folks. 

After a fun and silly weekend on board, my takeaway is that if you love river cruising, you may not like ocean cruising. And based on feedback from my cruise review on ShipMate -- if you love ocean cruising, you probably won't love river cruising. In that vein and with deference to Jeff Foxworthy, I've compiled a list that may help you decide if the Cruising Lifestyle is for you.  

You may be A Cruiser if :

--  you've ever worn sweatpants to a funeral because they were your good ones.

--  you've ever celebrated a milestone at Golden Corral. 

--  you never look at yourself from the rear.

-- you're obsessed with looking at yourself from the rear.

-- you see a hot tub full of random people and think, "that looks fun." 

-- If claustrophobia makes you horny. 

-- If QVC is your favorite way to shop

-- your fashion motto is, "if it zips, it fits." 

-- Bingo sounds like a wild night out

-- If you've ever longed for less tranquility while lounging at the pool

-- if your spirit animal is Cattle ... 

            You May Be a Cruiser 

 ...Any leisure time spent with friends is time well spent and our cruise was a resounding success in that we had a fantastic weekend and put lots of currency in the memory banks. But i think our next excursion will be on land.  Love to Cruisers everywhere <3 font="" nbsp="">