Friday, November 21, 2008

fam friday

a is for allie.

the younger of my kidlets had her thanksgiving feast in kindergarten today. i'm no PTO mommy. but, this kind of shit really warms my fuzzies. here's a little peek into my real life.
the good and wonderful stay-at-home mommies who volunteer at my daughters school had the cafetorium decked out with tee pees and pumpkins with turkey feathers. it was cute and not overdone (too much, i mean. given our suburbian standards).
Here is allie's "feast." you'll recognize from that first thankgiving: popcorn, fish (in this case, goldfish crackers), pretzels and a pb&j shaped like a turkey. capri sun to wash it down. they also made butter out of whoop cream and spooned it out to the tiny first americans from a ziploc bag. allie dipped her pretzels in it and wanted to know if we can start making our own butter. fuzzies warmed.
i sent a white pillow case the week of halloween. the teacher dyed them brown and cut appropriate holes. then the kids painted their "vests." she made her own headdress, notice the droopy pink feather (my favorite); the headband is decorated with colored triangles marked with PT. .. .. why? because that's what the indians lived in mommy: pee tees. and by the way, we were clued in to the PC lingo when the teacher released the pilgrims first to the feast, then the indians native americans.
did i mention i live in Stepford ? sugarland moms sometimes creep me out with their incessant conformity to uniformity like some kind of grown up sorority (ok.i'll stop now.) but they do a lot at school to make it fun for my kid. and theirs i guess. they also make it kind of fun for me. to people-watch.
besides, a standing prescription for xanex comes with the zipcode. so i got that going for me. and did i mention turkeys..made from pumpkins?
here she is in her
pilgrim attire.leave it to allie to do a wardrobe change in her kindergarten thanksgiving feast. seriously. the other kids picked one and stuck with it. she's a hoot. i'm dead in the water with this one.
after school i took her to get a haircut at one of those little-girl salons. they have a "full service" salon, but mostly they do birthday parties. it's the kind of place kiddie beauty pageant moms dig on. my 5-yr old come teenager sat in a girl-crush stare as the birthday girl (who we didn't know. thanks lord for small miracles) and her party-girls pranced down a runway in their blonde wigs, glitterly eyeshadow and high heels. what's next? silicone insets on the dresses. sorry folks. this kind of stuff totally creeps me out. god help me. my kid loves this place.

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