Monday, September 29, 2008

full disclosure and why i fear it

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

wasting wednesday

i have hurricane fatigue. i am sick of hearing about it. sick of talking about it. sick of seeing piles of tree limbs and fencing along my streets. sick of people texting me "Got Power! woo hoo". i'm done. i'm an insurance agent. you do the math. i started working about 17 hours after the storm blew in. i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

so i made a goal.

that goal is to sit at this desk today and read blogs. play games. google lovers--potential and past. and generally waste this wednesday until i can leave this hurricane hell-hole and hit happy hour.

thanks be to god that the children leave tomorrow for three days. i have a mountain of laundry. a sink overflowing with dirty dishes and toys, DVDs, PSP crap, shoes. all kinds of shit piled up all over my house.
i only hope that while the little darlings are gone i can stay sober enough to get it cleaned up and fill the refrigerator so that next week i get back to some kind of normal-ness.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

ridin the storm out

welcome to the other side of the storm.

ike was a trip

leaves started blowing off the trees early, around 7:30 or so. it was really cool; there was a swirl of clouds around the house with this view from my front porch.
and black, scary clouds swirling from the back of the circle behind my house. (pic didn't come out on that... sorry.)

i've heard some people lost power as early as 8 o'clock, but ours played possum surging off, then back on for several hours until finally at midnight we heard the loud groan and clunk of the transformer just give up on the whole idea.. .. and we were in the dark. i had a battery-powered television, but wanted to reserve battery life. so we went to bed.
i slept pretty soundly until the wind woke me up around 2am.

the really serious business of ike started around 2:30. the craziest thing i'll remember about the experience was the sound of the wind. i had a chair on the front porch where i sat and watched the trees whip around in the wind and the rain. then i'd go inside for a while to listen for breaking windows, drips and also to check the girls. who were frothed up in a panic from my bed.

more than a few times i got a tight chest when i opened the door and walked in the house because it sounded like someone was in my backyard yelling (like WOOOO HOOOO or YEEEEE AHHHH) and--like a dumbass--every single time, i would go running back there, thinking some looter was roaming in my yard acting like an idiot only to figure out it was the wind. it sounded human. that was freaky.

also freaky was the darkness. the house was dark, but not like usual when the lights are out, because ALL the lights around me, street lights, neighbor's bedroom lights, everything was out. and i was continually suprised by the deepness of the darkness. i ended up hanging the strap of my flashlight from my wrist, because if i set it down anywhere, it disappeared and i was left groping around for it like a blind woman.

once the storm was in full swing, i kind of set up a command station at the kitchen counter.
by 3:30am i had a small circle of texting buddies which included my dad and my brother-by-choice, t-vak. i'd flip on the TV every 20 min or so and send out "eye-location" texts and also any big news i could find... jp morgan chase buildng hit bad.desk chairs flying out brokn windws....i think brennans is burning down :( ...eye over galvstn now.about 40m wide.goodlord....
i crashed at 4:30am. between the 2 shots of vodka and the fact that i'd slept maybe 2 hours in the last 24, all the sudden i felt like dorothy in a field of poppies. couldn't hold my eyes open.

my cell rang at 7:30am. ex-mother-in-law calling to get gossip check on the girls. with just a modicum of composure, i would have let it ring. but dumbass me answered. by some natural disaster-induced miracle, we had a few words conversation then i slept in the now noticable sticky non-airconditioned bed until about 9:00am. we got on some shorts and headed out to survey the damages
neighbors were out in the streets. two doors down had a lost a tree in the front. i had two fences down (no big whoop) and other than that no damage at all. the street was green with leaves as if it had snowed big green flakes.
by mid-afternoon, it was obvious that God had covered us up during the storm. neighbors had trees uprooted a street away from us.
a house just around the corner lost half their shingles.
we were more than 60 miles inland. the coastline is a destruction zone. these pics are from of the boliver pennisula about 72 hrs after ike paid them an ugly visit

Power was restored at our house by 3pm Saturday. as i write about 40% of sugar land, including many friends in this neighborhood, are still without power. we have friends in the woodlands, spring and conroe that aren't expected to get power before next wednesday.

this was my first hurricane as a single mom and i'm pretty proud of myself. i was a little over prepared--we didn't sleep in the closet bunker and the piles of towels i had ready on window sills ended up being put on the entry floor to catch leafy, muddy flip flops, as i had a steady parade of friends and neighbors who still sat in the dark. it was awesome to be able to hand them my stock-pile of ice and batteries, let alone television and air conditioning. my girls are still out of school and it's yet to be seen how (or if) they'll make up the time lost. lord knows there's no getting back the sanity i've lost with them underfoot and at my office all week.

i'm glad to be on the other side. a little wiser, a little sleepier, but a lot more grateful for the little things like a cool breeze from the vents, a light on in the darkness and a secure roof over my family.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

just bear w/ me

i'm working on a post. ridin the storm out. it's coming.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Shelter In Place

listen cowboy, when's the last time you had a big steamy bowl of texas hurricane hysteria? Well then, that's too long.

as i write, Hurricane Ike is swirling it's magic concoction in the gulf .... and Galveston sits there like tina turner just waitin to get smacked.
we live in ft. bend county. suburbanites nestled in our planned community about 60 miles inland, it is one of the best places to live in the US... but we'd suggest you make your visit another week.

i spent 7 hours on the road in the nightmare that was
running from Rita back in 2005

we're not bugging out for Ike. sometimes you gotta hold your ground. we're done runnin.

the really horrific traffic experience of Rita motivated the cities to rework a hurricane gameplan, and it does feel like the politico had a decent meeting at some point (miracle) and made a good plan. Unlike Rita, where they told us evacuation was "voluntary," (and we see how well that worked out) this time, everyone from the police chief to rick perry was telling ft. bend county not to leave. we are a designated Shelter In Place community. stay where you are. get some water, huddle in your closet. hunker down. btw..if i'm supposed to be hunkerin down, where is my hunk?

so me and my girls are hunkering. we're sheltering. we are in place. and like all good texans, we are prepared for a party. seems assured we'll lose power, so i've got provisions. there's pop tarts back there. oh yeah. desperate times call for serious sugar.

here is our liquid refreshment. my kids are happy with the dr.pepper. but mom needs something a little stronger if she's going to be sleeping in a walk-in closet with two hyper-nervous children. you can see i've stocked a variety of possible beverage needs from a casual pre-storm long neck to the stiff belt from my great friend Tito's during the brunt of the storm. and what says kick back and relax like a glass of wine? white or red. i've got that.

So what to do while we wait? we're chicks, man. when we're nervous, we cook. i rocked the crock to use the roast for sandwiches and also it's the only thing in the freezer that can't go on the grill.
this is what is supposed to look like. eat your heart out bejewell.

also we bake brownies.

we play computer.

we paint.
we wait.
we laugh at the weatherman with his hurricane chubby.

we're boarded up.

filled up.

cleaned up.

(and you will never see my backyard this clean again, short of a category 4...seriously. never. ever.)

and now we're ready. lay it on me ike, hit me with your best shot.

as we say in sugar land: shelter in place. i'll see you on the other side.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

dropping a dime in the memory bank