Monday, November 10, 2008

guess i'm on probation now...

i went to the thing yesterday. the thing with the tailgating party that started at 10:30. the tailgating party with the open bar.with absolute citron. anyway, i had a great time at the thing. but we didn't win the thing, in fact, it was embarrassing how pathetic we lost the thing, so dad and i decided to go have a few drinks at the country club afterward. to talk about how crappy the thing was. but how much the tailgating rocked.

by then, i was absolutely absoluted. and that's when my judgement got clouded.

i've learned the dangers of DWI. many is the morning, i've dragged my groggy, throbbing head across my pillow to look over to my nightstand and know i had committed a crime the night before: dialing while intoxicated. i've matured. done my time with the drunk dialing. it's a quick offense with a long punishment phase, in some cases.

but i was absolutely absoluted; i was tempted to DWI. the guy was out of town. i hate calling the guy on a trip. lord knows its a miracle if he calls me (that's a whole different blog) . trip calls should be important, meaningful; involve flight plans or detailed stories of checking into a hotel. DWI compiled with the pressure of a trip call could have drastic implications. i mean, it's not exactly a concrete relationship as it is.

i had impaired judgement, but not so impaired that i was willing roll the dice on this one. he was in vegas. the last thing i needed was for him to be thinking "jeez. she's drunk a thousand miles away and still finds a way to bug me." not what i want floating through his mind while he flies home. DWI was out.

but i couldn't keep my drunken little fingers off my phone and so it texted him: about 75 times. okay 72, but only the sent box is counting. texting while intoxicated is the lethal mix of thought and speed. i think it. i type it. i send it. then i think something else. send. another thought. send. send. send. send.
luckily, the guy is not the 'easily-irritated-by-drunken-silliness' kind of person. obviously, considering he's put up me for more than 2 consecutive weeks. and he didn't even mention the myriad (and meaningless) texts that i filled up his phone with while he tried to play video poker.
i'd love to bestow upon you the rare and wonderful gems of wisdom that flowed out of my absolute-soaked mind that night. but as is my ususal post-TWI habit, i rolled over the next morning, grabbed my phone and erased my sentbox. problem solved.

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