Wednesday, September 24, 2008

wasting wednesday

i have hurricane fatigue. i am sick of hearing about it. sick of talking about it. sick of seeing piles of tree limbs and fencing along my streets. sick of people texting me "Got Power! woo hoo". i'm done. i'm an insurance agent. you do the math. i started working about 17 hours after the storm blew in. i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

so i made a goal.

that goal is to sit at this desk today and read blogs. play games. google lovers--potential and past. and generally waste this wednesday until i can leave this hurricane hell-hole and hit happy hour.

thanks be to god that the children leave tomorrow for three days. i have a mountain of laundry. a sink overflowing with dirty dishes and toys, DVDs, PSP crap, shoes. all kinds of shit piled up all over my house.
i only hope that while the little darlings are gone i can stay sober enough to get it cleaned up and fill the refrigerator so that next week i get back to some kind of normal-ness.

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