Monday, October 19, 2009

do you see a pattern here?

i still haven't actually committed the time to write a full blog. but lemme tell ya, i've got a torn-out piece of spiral paper sitting in my purse with some ideas that'll make your little head spin.

eh. not really. except the torn paper part. that's true. it's the head spinning part: not so much.

but i have been sticking in a little here --too long for twitter and too, much.. for facebook.

here's another.

so i'm reading my blog rolls today, and come upon this little gem: Recipe for Wine Vinegar.

i scrolled back up a little shaggy doo-like "wha huH?" i actually feel kinda sorry for a woman that takes this much time to come up with vinegar. and also--an ear of corn? relax lady. have some of that wine before you let it spoil.

i gotchur recipe for wine vinegar right here:

1. open a bottle of wine
2. drink about two thirds of it.
3. go to bed
4. leave bottle on the kitchen counter for about a week.
5. voila! wine vinegar.


1 comment:

KheironQ said...

You're a funny lady! Like your writing a lot. ;)