Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vive Les Resolutions

i wrote a new years resolution list. my first one. i was inspired by a wonderful friend, who we will call The Guy. The Guy evidently writes a list every year. and while he sat scribbling in a quiet room on New Years Day, i sat in the living room thinking: i'm bored. guess i'll write a list too.

so i did.

i've decided to let you in on my list and every few months or so i'm going to give myself a check-up: a status report.

and you , oh you lucky little anonymous blogfan, get to know how i'm doing.
sound boring? it's my blog, i can do what i want to.

***drum roll in the distance* trumpet fan fare ---dum da da da da da DUM...

ladies and gentleman (there's only dude that reads this), it is my honor to present to you:
New Years Resolution List 2009

* Clear Your Workspace -- declutter the house, declutter my mind. This resolution includes cleaning out my closet as well as disconnecting permanently from a few people in my life that are nothing but clutter. this is a year-long goal; eliminating distractions (like worthless stuff, negative people, junk mail...) so that i can work and think clearly.

*Celebrate Your Beauty -- take time to pamper your beautiful self. do the hot wax pedicure; get a massage, pluck your eyebrows. weekly beauty time for hair, face and nails and monthly beauty days for max treatments.

* Get to Your Goal Weight -- i've been talking about this number for -3- years. i'm not going to tell it to you, but it is my goal weight. it's funny how i can talk about sex, my divorce, how i sometimes want to abandon my children: all these really personal and serious things, i just put out there on the open inter-lines for all to see. but my weight carries an anchor of shame around it's neck. guess that's part of the problem. i'm sick of talking about this number. i'm either going to reach it this year, or put "Accept Your Fat Ass the Way it is" on next years resolution list.

* Be on Time for Work -- pretty self explanatory. i am super duper lucky and love love love that i have a boss who doesn't jump my crap every time i'm late. dad's cool like that. but he would like me to be on time. and so would i.

* Grow your Blog -- i resisted the urge to set a number of posts per week, or month, whatever. the purpose of this resolution is to keep my writing in the present. write more. write consistently. along with "grow blog," this resolution includes -get back into freelancing-. This will be replaced with "Write the Book" on next years list.

* Eat Breakfast Every Day -- again, not a complicated goal here, but way off the mark for me. i've never been a breakfast eater, unless you count the occasional gluttonous sunday brunch buffet as breakfast. Breakfast: it's good for my metabolism, starts my day off right and sets a good example for the rug rats. eat it. just eat it.

* Workout at the Gym -4xs- a Week -- easily written, tough to do. i got out of my workout routine after the hurricane (yes, that was september...takes me a while to get back on the bandwagon). i miss that time with my ipod. i miss the feeling of sore muscles. i miss being able to see my feet when i look down. .. ..

* Bedtime 10:30pm / Waketime 6:30am -- of all the resolutions thus far, this one has seen the very least success. building routine into my life will help the other pieces of this self-help puzzle fit together. plus, i don't sleep enough. but i love sitting up late at night and shit i hate to miss colbert report.

* Movie Morning Every other Saturday -- movies before noon are five bucks every saturday. small price to pay for a little family bonding, especially when i fill my purse with booty from the candy drawer. i committed to this and i've only missed one saturday since the year started...

* The Sacred Dinner Table -- my goal here is at least -3- times a week. Dinner at a table. no television. food cooked in my kitchen served on non-disposable plates. milk. there are some old fashioned ways that should never get modernized.

* Sunday is the Sabbath -- Remember Sunday and keep it holy. easier said than done. sunday is our day to sleep late (sorry god) and go to IHOP (hey, breakfast!). then we usually run errands, get gas in the car, maybe wash it. laundry. shopping. but sunday should be the first day of the week. recharge day. rest. be quiet. go to church for god sake.

So there it is people. Bask in its beauty. soak up it's bounty of wisdom and potential for a kick ass rockin new life in this kick ass rockin new year. what do you think?

did you make resolutions for change in 09? are they as cool and smokin as mine?

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