Monday, February 16, 2009

Best. Valentines. Ever.

first, i write this with apologies to my bloggin buddy bejewell, who i wholeheartedly support in her recent sweater-lady assault...and second, i quantify this whole thing by saying that i've had many a year when i'd like to hang the founder of valentines day by a couple of nipple clips over a murky louisiana swamp.

But not this year.

for this year, oh anonymous blogfan, was the Best. Valentines. Ever.

i think we're all well aware of what makes valentines day suck..... so what makes for a wonderful, memorable and delightful valentines day? having a guy like mine helps.

he didn't go for the cheesy roses in a vase, which shows he knows me. he didn't overdo it -- no hundred dollar meal, no limo rides and thank god, no wacky over-the-top surprises like waiters bearing gifts on a tray or finding jewelry in my dessert. which shows he understands where we are with this thing, wherever that is, and also that he has good taste.

everything he planned for us was punctuated by an undercurrent of thought and consideration for me. okay, and him... he's lucky that our thoughts sync up, so he has the advantage of figuring out an evening that he would enjoy, then just tweaking it with a little front seat hand-holding, throw in some dirty smooch time at the end of the night and i'm as happy as a little girl.

quick detail summary: couples reflexology massage in little vietnam (i love that he didn't take us to a boring spa in this stepford-clone town i live in; besides those asians are serious about workin you over); then dinner in chinatown: hot pot with shrimp, kobe beef and a pile of noodles and vegetables.

there were little extras to the night that made it special for me. freakishly hot chinese tea waiting for us when we came out of the massage room. perfect for the transition from the tranquility of the dim room to the evening street lights. chatting up the tiny asian fireball that owned the restaurant where we ate, letting her order for us, getting over-the-top, but comfortable service and giving her big props for jacking up the cool-factor in her little place.

then there was the recognition. the acknowledgement that this evening represented. i'm his girl. he's my guy. it's out there now.

the next night, we did the traditional valentine thing: nice dinner, romantic evening. movie. overflowing bubble bath. sex. cards. flowers. all the typical stuff that couples do. on valentines day.

This V day, i started out ahead of the game in that i have someone. just having a some one in my life seems to slightly elevate the plane on which i operate from day to day. the fact that i like to be with him more than i like to be away from him, is better than box full of chocolates. any day.


bejewell said...

Have I not already commented on this? Because I thought I did. But now it's not here. And I came back to see if you'd written something else, but you hadn't, and all I found was this post, all naked without my comment.

Anyway, what my comment would have said (if I had left one, which I'm still not sure I did) is, I forgive you for enjoying Valentines Day. And I am over the moon to hear that you're doing so well. You deserve some happiness. Even if it IS valentine-related.

Just don't start wearing cheery holidy themed sweaters. because then I will have to murder you.

txsjewels said...

if you ever catch me in a cheery holiday themed sweater, please kill me. if it has bells or fur on it, do it quickly. and messy.

Anonymous said...

Good for him, now reward him on steak and blow job day with a game of couples shuffleboard.