Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Word About Singapore

this is an aside... ignore it. blog to follow below: i'm starting to get this blogging thing. i've just been spilling out a little trival thought now and then. but there is a method to this madness...this mommy-blogging. also, am i a mommy blogger just because i blog and i have kids? do we have levels of mommy bloggers, because the blogging,--i can excel at. but the mommy thing--we might have to talk. so remedialish mom, super blogger. ?? sound good? and i will try to pepper this thing with some vulgarity and rough language. i know how much you blog-stalkers love that shit.
okay, onto the blog.


Mark said...

You're funny. Just started reading you thanks to someones link from that BlogHer estrogen fest. I think you're headed down the wrong road on this latest one though. Watch that heart. Wish I could find one like you up here in the frozen tundra.

Anonymous said...

You ARE funny. I knew that long before Mark did. Mark found you because of me. Mark can also bite me.